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Food for Thought: Diet Fails

As the month of January rolls by, New Year’s dieting promises tend to fizzle out. Many people who’ve resolved to follow the latest fad diet, such as keto, paleo and flexitarian regimes, find themselves back where they started by the time February arrives. Studies show that for a majority of people, the weight piles back […]

Diabetes Etiquette

DON’T offer unsolicited advice about my eating or other aspects of diabetes. You may mean well, but giving advice about someone’s personal habits, especially when it is not requested isn’t very nice. Besides, many of the popularly help beliefs about diabetes (“You should stop eating sugar”) are out of date or don’t apply to type […]

Plant-Based Diets: Can They Be Too High in Carbs for Diabetes?

It’s no secret that eating more plants is good for everyone’s health. The nutrients and antioxidants they provide protect cells from oxidative damage and inflammation. That may in turn, reduce the risk of developing many chronic diseases, including diabetes. However, people with prediabetes or diabetes often ask whether diets that restrict animal protein are a […]

Breaking down the negative impacts of weight stigma.

On Nutrition Next week is Weight Stigma Awareness Week (Sept. 28 to Oct. 2), and if there was ever a year to be aware of the physical and mental health impacts of weight stigma, it’s 2020. There’s so much hand-wringing about the association between “obesity” and elevated COVID-19 risk, despite the fact that there’s no […]

Insulin Basics

There are different types of insulin depending on how quickly they work, when they peak, and how long they last. Insulin is available in different strengths; the most common is U-100. All insulin available in the United States is manufactured in a laboratory, but animal insulin can still be imported for personal use. Inside the pancreas, the hormone insulin is […]

Influence of cinnamon on glycemic control

A recent randomized clinical trial published in July in the Journal of Endocrine Society found that 500mg #cinnamon supplementation (300mg cinnamon extract + 200mg Cinnamomum burmannii powder), 3x per day, for 12 weeks improved glucose control in a small sample of adults with pre-diabetes. From a similar baseline of fasting plasma glucose (FPG), FPG rose […]

The Evidence for the Effectiveness of Medical Nutrition Therapy in Diabetes Management

Numerous advances in diabetes management and medical nutrition therapy (MNT) for individuals with diabetes make this an exciting time. Historically, a challenge to proving the benefit of MNT has been the lack of clinical and behavioral research. In recent years, however, evidence-based outcomes research that documents the clinical effectiveness of MNT in diabetes has been […]

How an RDN can help with Diabetes

Diabetes affects the body’s ability to make or properly use insulin. This leads to high blood glucose (sugar) in the blood. Maintaining a healthy blood sugar level is key to managing diabetes. Choosing nutritious foods and watching portion sizes can help you control blood sugar levels. And, a registered dietitian nutritionist, or RDN, can help […]