Personal Training

What is Personal Training?
Personal training is individualized exercise program and instruction. At Saluté Nutrition, we believe in meeting our clients exactly where they are at. Our Certified Personal Trainer begins by understanding YOUR background, interests, and goals as they relate to health and fitness. Our personal trainer will partner with you to develop an exercise routine tailored to your needs as well as provide personalized, one-on-one guidance to help you safely and effectively move your body!

How can Personal Training benefit me?
Everyone can benefit from personal training, whether you are a beginner who feels lost and perhaps intimidated at the gym, someone who has been on an “exercise hiatus” and is looking to re-incorporate movement into your life, or a seasoned athlete trying to train for a new goal. Our personal trainer will support you in setting health and fitness goals, assess your current fitness capacity, and develop an individualized training plan that appropriately challenges you.

Meet Ivory Loh: Saluté Nutrition’s Personal Trainer

Ivory Loh (RDN, MPH, CPT) is an ACE-certified Personal Trainer as well as Registered Dietitian. She is also certified in CPR/First Aid. Ivory strives to support her clients in embracing intuitive and joyful movement, which is the practice of listening to both your mind and body and honoring your body’s internal cues when deciding how you move your body (i.e., type of workout, length, and intensity) each and every day. She believes that people of all backgrounds, body shapes/sizes, genders, age, experiences and relationships with movement, etc. should be able to enjoy movement safely, effectively, and with pleasure and community.

Ivory has been working as a personal trainer since 2016 and has experience training a wide range of clients, from college-aged students to seniors. She specializes in functional and circuit training as well as calisthenics (i.e. strength training with simply your body!). Ivory also has experience leading group fitness classes. Ivory was a trainer at several F45 studios (including a few studios in Shanghai, China!), where she led high-energy, functional, and full-body workouts with up to 36 members. Her favorite movement patterns include “urban hiking” (i.e. walking around exploring everywhere and anywhere, ideally with good food and company) and pull-ups.

Ready to begin your fitness journey?

All new clients are required to complete the Initial Personal Training Assessment. Following this introductory session, clients can then purchase training packages. All training sessions are virtual and 55 minutes in duration. For more information, please contact