Diabetes Devices Training

Whether you’ve had diabetes for years or recently diagnosed, the Saluté Nutrition Team is committed to providing you with the knowledge, tools, skills, and support needed to live a vibrant and full life. Not only can we assist patients with managing diabetes through nutrition and lifestyle, but also with diabetes-related medications and technology such as glucose meters, continuous glucose monitors (CGMs), and insulin pumps. We are certified on all FDA-approved diabetes products. Our team can help you access and learn from your data through Carelink, Clarity, Glooko, Tidepool, etc. Finally, we can review that data with you, help you make sense of it, and communicate appropriate recommendations to you and your entire health care team. If you are new to a device, we may be able to provide the session free to you and no insurance co-pays or deductibles.
Please fill out this survey to request training. For more info, please contact our Office Manager at admin@salutenutritionpllc.com
  • CGM’s – Medtronic Guardian, Abbott Libre, Dexcom
  • Smart Pens – InPen, Bigfoot, Tempo
  • Insulin pumps – Medtronic, Tandem, Omnipod, Beta Bionics
  • Insulin delivery patches – V-Go, CeQur
  • Inhaled insulin – Afrezza

Do you currently have a Dexcom sensor that you would like help with? Set up? Troubleshoot? Fine-tune? Schedule a free virtual appointment here.

If you are interested in participating in our CGM program, please click here.

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