Medication Management of Diabetes

Diabetes management might require prescription medication and/or devices. Medications are one of the many tools we now have in effectively living with diabetes and do NOT mean your body is “wrong”, that you have “failed”, or that your diabetes diagnosis is your fault. Finding the right medication(s) to manage your diabetes can also be a challenge. Let us support you!

The Saluté Nutrition Team includes an Advanced Diabetes Management Specialist, who is both an Advanced Practice Nurse (RN, MN, ARNP) and diabetologist. She works with patients of all types of diabetes (pre-diabetes, type 1 and type 2 diabetes, LADA, MODY, and GDM) to evaluate and prescribe medications that best address her patients’ needs. Appointments for medication management of diabetes may be conducted in person at our Lynnwood or Kirkland locations or virtually for any patient within Washington state and does not require a referral.

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