Medical Nutrition Therapy & Counseling

Individualized nutrition therapy is foundational to leading a balanced lifestyle, disease prevention, and disease management. We provide nutrition counseling and care for weight management, digestion issues, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, food allergies, liver disease, kidney disease and all forms of diabetes. The Saluté Nutrition Team strives to provide “YOU-centered” care, which means that your goals, needs, lifestyle, and lived experiences will guide our work together. It means that we ask your permission before we begin talking about potentially sensitive topics, like what you eat, your home-life, interests, work, budget, things that stress you out, and/or barriers that have cropped up in the past. We have a lot of creative tools available to us to help motivate and support you. However, these tools are best used when we know more about you. Once we establish that trusting relationship, we can roll up our sleeves and get to work as a team toward your next step! If we do our job right, making daily eating and lifestyle choices should be stress-free, supportive of your needs and preferences, and sustainable.
We currently offer both virtual and in-person individualized nutrition therapy to individuals in Washington. Our Registered Dietitians are also in-network with a variety of insurance plans. Schedule a session with one of our dietitians today.

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