“When I see new diabetes technology, I ask myself, ‘Where does it shine?’” said Jennifer Okemah, MS, RD, BCADM, CDCES, CSSD, from Salute Nutrition near Seattle, WA.

She admits she was skeptical of the CeQur Simplicity insulin patch at first.

“I quickly realized the shine of this insulin patch technology is how basic it is,” said Okemah.

Worn on your abdomen for up to three days, this ultra-thin patch requires just an easy squeeze of two small buttons to deliver insulin in 2-unit increments.

“When I show this insulin patch to my patients, their first reaction is usually, ‘Really? All I have to do is squeeze the buttons to take my insulin? That’s it?’” Okemah explained.

“It’s about simplicity. There are so many high-tech diabetes options out there, but the simplicity of this insulin patch is exactly what many people want.”


For people with any type of diabetes who don’t like taking injections in public, the discretion of squeezing buttons to dose insulin can be a true game-changer. You can even squeeze those buttons through the fabric of your shirt. With its super thin profile, this patch is probably the most discreet insulin-delivery system on the market.

Okemah said she realized that this patch technology could serve a remarkable number of her patients with type 1 and type 2 diabetes who were missing mealtime insulin doses via injection.

Reasons you might miss mealtime insulin doses include:

  • Not comfortable taking injections in public
  • Aren’t able to easily keep an insulin pen with you
  • Don’t like having to carry an insulin pen with you
  • Have a hard time remembering to take your insulin

“If you need help taking your mealtime insulin for whatever reason, CeQur could work for you,” said Okemah.


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